landscape revitalization.

This design-research project sets out to document the effects of the Jeffrey Mine on the community of Asbestos, Québec. Over the course of a century, the mine engulfed much of the town’s urban core and is now the subject of political, ethical, and environmental scrutiny. A rehabilitation concept was proposed to address impending remediation requirements imposed on the mine operator as the mine undergoes closure.

“Redeveloping in herds.”

Issues of scale, mechanization, and re-population, echoing the development of the mine itself, were considered in a quasi-sci-fi attempt to reimagine the devastated landscape of the pit and tailing heaps.


Reliance on industrialization (this time farming, not mining) to sustain a transformed landscape and community is intended to evoke a sense of irony as we consider the impact of our existence on this planet.


project information.

Type: Design Research, McGill University

Location: Asbestos, Québec



Sarah Ebner + McGill Graduate design-research team