Local Guide to Bay Area Material Vendors

By Liz, Project Manager

Homeowners frequently put “sweat” equity to keep their construction project costs low. One of the best cost-savers for clients is for self-sourcing of materials for projects in lieu of the architect or interior designer. There is a great deal of coordination involved within the material selection process so to make it a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of our recommended, best of the best, material suppliers and vendors that the Bay Area has to offer.

Countertops - Fox Marble (SF)


Fox Marble, whose showroom is located in San Francisco, widely service the Greater Bay Area with very high quality, natural stone, marble, and engineered stone products for kitchen and bath countertops. They are a full-service company that is available supply, fabricate, and install. We’ve found their delivery from quoting through project completion to be top-notch along with having a great selection of their foxy marble. 

Website: https://www.fox-marble.com/

Tile - Fireclay Tile (SF)


It’s always exciting for a local business to become a hometown hero. Fireclay Tile has risen the ranks in popularity among designers and home-owners in recent years. Their sustainable practices lends to guilt-free shopping while neither compromising on quality or selection. We especially love their hand-painted pattern tiles which you can see in person at their SF showroom. You can see their glazed thin brick at work in our Tammy’s Chicken In Waffle project.


Website: https://www.fireclaytile.com

Furniture - SOBU Oakland (East Bay)

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 5.49_edited.pn

Family-owned, SOBU Oakland, located in the Rockridge district of Oakland, has a gorgeous furniture selection with some pieces being SOBU originals. Their style is stylish and modern while still being approachable and comfortable. Although their store is a treat to visit, SOBU’s website is a great online resource as well!


Website: https://www.sobusobu.com/

Plumbing Fixtures - Premier Kitchen & Bath (East Bay)


PKB in Walnut Creek has just about every range of fixture lines available. Nothing beats an in-person experience where one is able to interact with products they are interested in.


Website: http://www.premierbathandkitchen.com/

Appliances - Airport Appliance (Berkeley)


Airport Appliance is a great resource for the budget shopper. We’ve found they frequently have sales or rebate offers which can be a nice bonus. Brands in stock include some of our favorites such as Bertazzoni, Wolf, and Sub-Zero. They quickly turn around quotes and have a great online website if time is tight.

Lighting - Bright on Presidio (SF)


Lighting can truly make or break a space. Bright on Presidio is a great place to find those special lighting fixtures with a helpful staff that can answer any and all questions. It is an impressive showroom that could be closely compared to an art gallery. Their selection stays in the high-end range which makes it the perfect resource for statement lighting pieces.


Website: https://brightonpresidio.com/

Reclaimed Materials - Ohmega Salvage (Berkeley)


Whether your project is a historic restoration or you’re seeking a unique vintage piece, Ohmega Salvage serves as a salvage yard oasis. The company itself has been based in the Bay Area since 74’. A sample of their selection ranges from antique hardware, doors, and windows, a range of fixtures, art, furniture, and architectural pieces. Many of the items sourced from local residences, you can have a historic piece of Oakland in your own home.


Located at 2400 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Flooring - Hayasa Flooring Design (SF)

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11.18_edited.p

Hayasa Flooring is a San Francisco located flooring supplier, installer, and refinisher. Their showroom is a great place to see the wide range of options available in the hardwood flooring universe. They produce a high level of craftsmanship in a customizable format.


Website: http://hayasaflooring.com/

Millwork- Greenport Design (San Anselmo)

Living Room Accent Wall After_edited.jpg

See Arch and Greenport Designs worked together on the Mid-Century Modern Remodel project together to create stunning millwork moments around the interior including custom kitchen/bathroom vanities, furniture, and the wall panel shown above from African Mahogany. They service the Bay Area and surrounding cities using sustainable practices and materials to perform remodels, millwork, and landscape projects.


Website: https://www.greenportdesigns.com/

Landscape - The Dry Garden Nursery (East Bay)


The Dry Garden is a small nursery hub off Shattuck Avenue in Oakland, surrounded by the easily identifiable East Bay Bungalow suburbs. Specializing in it’s auto-logically named title, they are the perfect vendor to source drought-tolerate plantings and succulents as well as a variety of the well-known tried and true.


Located at 6556 Shattuck Ave, Oakland

Cabinetry - My Apartment Is Better Than Yours (East Bay)

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.38_edited.pn

My Apartment Is Better Than Yours is a one-man finish carpenter, furniture maker out of West Oakland serving the greater Bay Area. His use of high-quality materials and fantastic designs crates piece that will last a lifetime. He has experience in both residential and retail work, with many of his projects being cabinetry, built-ins, and bathroom vanities.


Website: https://www.myapartmentisbetterthanyours.net/

Doors & Windows - Economy Lumber (East Bay)


Your general contractor will most likely know about this one. Economy Lumber is a great, local small business supplying just about everything you need for a build project. It has been at the same Piedmont location for over 82 years making it the oldest Oakland lumber yard. They carry just about every mid-line quality window and door manufacturer available and their supportive staff create a smooth, painless quote, order, and delivery process.


Website: https://www.economylumberpiedmont.com/

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