pac heights remodel.

This project restores a 1895 pre-earthquake Victorian while updating it to service a contemporary lifestyle.

historical context

See Arch performed extensive research and worked with the San Francisco Planning and Historical Departments to repair weathered Queen Anne-style details and reintroduce a lost entry stair, which was demolished in 1970. While restoring the historical features of the home, See Arch also worked closely with the client to redesign the interior layout, add a garage and double the square footage of the home via a rear and vertical addition.

Rear View.jpg

a balance.

Throughout working on the Pac Heights Remodel the challenge was to balance the restoration and preservation work with the major modifications designed to improve the functionality of the home. This was done with the help of a detailed 3D model and careful sightline studies from across the street. The result is a major third story and rear addition that expands the square footage with little to no impact on the original front facade.

new meets old.

By working in close cooperation with the San Francisco Planning and Historical Departments, we received  City support and approval for the ambitious scope of this project. See Arch collaborated with all parties to advocate for the wishes of the client while recognizing the value of the careful restoration work.

project information.

Type: Residential Remodel

Sq. Footage: 4,260 sq.ft.

Scope: Historical Restoration and Addition

Stage: Under Construction

Location: San Francisco, CA

Front Elevation Edited.jpg



Karina Andreeva - Project Manager

Sarah Ebner - Project Architect

Naomi Hansen - Consulting Architect