public art study.

The Turk & Taylor Project was developed through a co-design process with 60 Tenderloin residents, workers, and visitors during the Tenderloin Public Art Exchange in Fall of 2017. The Turk & Taylor Project, as part of CounterPulse’s Public Art Initiatives aims to leverage art to create public space. Learn more about CounterPulse here.

See Arch participated in community meetings and create preliminary design drawings that were used in planning conversations among stakeholders and community members.

CounterPulse initiated the project with the goals of creating spaces for respite and to activate the block with murals and live art. See Arch synthesized CounterPulse's goals into renderings that were used to communicate the project intentions to City and developer partners.

blueprints for the mural.

See Arch worked with CounterPulse in the early stages of the project to translate the developer's barricade planning drawings into a clear project area map for effectively coordinating with mural artists.

visualizing creative goals.

170921 TTP Individual Mural Elevations.j

project information.

Type: Public Art

Scope: Design Consultant

Stage: Completed June 2018

Location: San Francisco

Client: CounterPulse



Karina Andreeva, Designer


Twin Walls Co

Additional credits

Photography: Robbie Sweeny