rural health clinic.

The Rural Health Clinic was designed as a new facility providing a Rehabilitation Clinic, a Primary Care Clinic, Retail Pharmacy and administrative offices.  The clinic is the second of 5 parcels to be developed within the FRHF Regional Health Campus in Willits. The building layout and internal programming were designed to facilitate communication between the clinic and the adjacent Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital while encouraging natural daylight within each clinical space.


“Who are we designing for?”

Design began with many stakeholder meetings.  This was a chance for the rural health community to share insights on their procedures, their use of space and equipment needs.  Interviews were held to understand “what’s working and what’s not” in the existing facilities the clinic was set to replace. These interviews resulted in a carefully coordinated design intent while initiating welcomed improvements to the clinic’s procedures and protocols: it was a chance for design to offer its users new facilities and the means to achieve a more effective workflow.

“A fast-tracked initiative”

The 16,000 sq.ft. building was programmed, designed, and constructed on-time within a 12-month, fast-track design-build schedule.   The design and construction team initially intended to expedite site work with a pre-fabricated, pre-finished modular approach. This strategy shifted to a more traditional site build which involved close construction collaboration between Owner, Architect and GC.


project information.

Type: New Construction - Primary Care Clinic

Location: Willits, CA

Sq. Footage: 16,000 sq.ft.

Scope: Project Architect while at AJ-A

Stage: Completed 2015


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Sarah Ebner,  Project Architect while at AJ-A
Daniela Tenorio, Project Designer while at AJ-A


Architect of Record:  Alexander Jermyn Architecture (AJ-A)
GC: Helmer and Sons Construction

Additional credits

Photographer: Lucas Fladzinksi