tammy’s chicken in waffles.

“You want people to be ecstatic about the food they eat, they take pictures and say: “I don't even want to eat this, it looks so good.”

- Tammy Powers

the start: treasure island

Tammy Powers is a proud Trans woman and a determined entrepreneur. When Treasure Island gained a bike path connecting it to Oakland, the number one business lacking: a bike shop. Tammy found a space and opened a bike shop. Next? People need coffee: Tammy built a bicycle food cart to provide the island with coffee. Then came the next big idea: putting the chicken in the waffle A little shed was built next to the bike shop to house the operation, Tammy drew crowds to Treasure Island and soon it grew too big to be a one-woman operation, it was time to scale up.


basement turned dream restaurant.

Working closely with Tammy the See Arch team turned the empty, dark basement space into an exciting location to launch a food trend. Tammy had an eye on Sather Lane for some time and knew that the small alley has one great benefit: a constant flow of students in and out of college. The challenge was to bring air and light, as well as fit the necessary components into a tight space. The tight budget was creatively managed while transforming the space into a clean, bright take-out restaurant. Detailing was kept simple for general carpenters to be able to construct, while fixtures and finishes were sourced as reclaimed or discounted whenever possible.

it takes a village.

To bring the project to life it took an: an investor, artists, architects and a brand strategist, engineers, local business associations, builders and one visionary business owner. This was not a traditional project by any means. What began as a simple architectural permit scope, grew into full facilitation of brand development and launch, bespoke brand assets and spatial motifs to match. We listened to Tammy's big ideas and helped shape them into reality.


project information.

Type: Commercial TI

Sq Footage: 512 sq.ft.

Scope:  TI Architect, Brand Design and Launch

Stage: Completed June 2018

Location: Berkeley, CA

Client: Tammy Powers


BERKELEYSIDE:  Tammy’s Chicken in Waffles, a trans-owned business, opens in Berkeley

THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN: Tammy’s Chicken in Waffles brings unconventional comfort food to Berkeley

SFGATE:  Tammy’s Chicken in Waffles, a trans-owned business, opens in Berkeley



Sarah Ebner - Project Architect

Karina Andreeva - Designer and Construction Manager


Art: Nigel Sussman and Brian Riley

Brand: Erica Dixon

Additional credits

Video and Photography: Matty Lynn Barnes