22nd street. 

The 22nd Street home began its design journey in ruins from a devastating fire.  With little left other than the skeleton of a damaged front facade and some charred framing, the design team had an opportunity to both restore and re-imagine the full potential of its iconic, San Francisco Victorian style.

“The Jekyll and Hyde effect”

Throughout the project we worked to address the dual nature of the home and the client’s wishes: “old front” was to remain Victorian, while “new back” was to be contemporary and simply-stated.


The interiors were a key to unifying front and back.  Inside the home was designed to be bright, spacious, minimal and clean.  The original gable roof was borrowed into an upstairs cathedral ceiling to serve as a reminder of the original building shell.  The back addition was designed as a minimal box volume with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto views of Noe Valley. These new features were paired with careful restoration of the historic front facade which involved new Victorian wood trimming, custom historical wood windows, and reconstruction of a historic porch. The result was a subtle twist on authentic Victorian expression with a luxurious living space designed consistently between existing and new spaces.

KT Residence_6.jpg

project information.

Type: Residential Addition and Alteration

Location: San Francisco, CA

Sq. Footage: 2,325 sq.ft.

Scope: Project Designer, while at AJ-A

Stage: Completed 2016



Daniela Tenorio, Project Designer while at AJ-A

Sarah Ebner, Project Designer while at AJ-A


Architect of Record: Alexander Jermyn Architecture (AJ-A)

Structural Engineer: FTF Engineering

GC: McCutcheon Construction

Lighting Design: Anna Kondolf Lighting Design