de haro penthouse.

As architects, we help clients not only to remodel their homes and prepare their properties for potential next stages. With this Potrero Hill project, we uncovered a tangled history of development done by previous owners over several decades, which gave us an opportunity to apply for an exemption to the building’s age-related historical status and design its future potential.

a legacy of growth.

The house started out as a 20’x30’ studio. Piece by piece it grew one deck, then another. About a decade later the basement was turned into a new unit, then a third floor was added and later a full back wing at the rear of the property. The build-out was done by Sir Jules Haywood, a renowned Bay Area musician, composer and minister of music along with his partner from 1960 to 1980. The state that our client found the house in, needed a decent amount of work. Out of the four units, only two were occupied: one was badly burnt and the other lacked the appropriate amenities for inhabiting. We set out with our client to restore and unify together the work done by the previous owners.

citywide views.

All units of the property offer spectacular views of the city,  one can only imagine the change through the decades that could be observed from this viewpoint. We kept the existing well-placed openings and cleaned up the geometry to bring cohesion.

project information.

Type: Residential Remodel

Location: San Francisco, CA

Sq. Footage: 2,575 sq.ft.

Scope: Project Architect

Stage: Under Construction

Client: Madison Hunter



Sarah Ebner - Project Architect

Karina Andreeva - Project Manager

Daniela Tenorio - Designer