forward healthcare flagship.

Forward offers 24/7 primary care as well as data-driven technology including AI equipment and software a customer interface “app,” and health-oriented tech wearables.  


This flagship location is the first of many locations planned for the near future and was designed to support Forward’s mission of redefining preventative care and the ways we interface with our health providers.

A project with many facets.

Design and construction of Forward required us to pull from our past experience in complex institutional work as well as high-end commercial and historical preservation.  The showroom had to impress customers, while the consult rooms and lab spaces needed to perform efficiently. Finally, the historical base-building, downtown San Francisco, required close coordination with both Landlord and City Departments.

“Setting a forward-thinking precedent”

As a technology company, Forward sought to redefine the healthcare experience.   As architects, we responded to this by stepping outside our usual process and healthcare standards to re-imagine how a clinical space could look if a new patient experience was the driving priority.  


A contemporary retail space was designed at the street facing areas.  It includes custom client touchpoints such as a white-oak self check-in station and powder-coated metal product display table.  Vitals gathering became a self-guided part of the check-in process. The vitals scanner was located in the retail area to showcase Forward’s innovative process and equipment.  A waiting area was designed as a semi-private lounge with health foods and beverages on offer. The front-of-house assumed a cafe-style function: offering members refreshments, comfortable seating, diagnostics and preventative care advice. 


Consult rooms remain simple, effective and comfortable: warm wood finishes (similar to what you might see at home), an exam chair, not table and an interactive diagnostic screen all support intentions to minimize the clinical aspects of the space and keep the patient comfortable. 

Forward retail.jpg

Project information

Type: Commercial Tenant Improvement

Location: San Francisco

Sq. Footage: 3,200 sq.ft.

Scope: Project Architect, while at AJ-A

Stage: Completed 2016



Sarah Ebner - Project Architect while at AJ-A

Karina Andreeva - Designer while at AJ-A

Daniela Tenorio - Designer while at AJ-A


Architect of Record: Alexander Jermyn Architecture (AJ-A)

GC: GCI General Contractors

Lighting: Hiram Banks Lighting Design