mid-century remodel.

mid-century remodel.

The siting and historical significance of the midcentury home was exciting to work with. This project was uniquely ambitious in its schedule and budget. The balance between owner/ client and our role was a great challenge and asset to the success of the project.

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a restored gem. 

This hillside-embedded house completed in 1963 in Danville, California, bears the hallmarks of an Eichler—sweeping expanses of glass, deep cantilevered overhangs, and an embrace of indoor/outdoor living.

See Arch Floor Plan

Floor plan

See Arch Kitchen Interior Elevation

Floating Shelf Recessed Light Detail


before and after.

This home is an exception to the modernist mantra of form follows function and we wanted to celebrate the playfulness and dynamic quality of the layout by emphasizing its interconnectivity and indoor relationship to the outdoors.

project information.

Location: Danville, CA

Sq. Footage: 2,575 sq.ft.

Scope: Historical Residential Remodel

Stage: completed December 2018

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Midcentury Blue Prints Page 003.jpg

Original Wayne Littlejohn Plans and Elevations




Sarah Ebner, Principal
Daniela Tenorio, Construction Manager
Karina Andreeva, Designer


Interior Design: NMT Financial and see arch.
Woodworker: Greenport Designs
Interior Furnishing: Visual Jill

Additional credits

Photographer: Jean Bai / Konstrukt Photo