urban garden house.

Located on a generous, creekside corner lot in Menlo Park, the Urban Garden House was designed for a family of five.  It is intended to serve as a social space, both inside and out. With functional and social priorities, the home was designed to enable the day to day needs of the family while maximizing the landscape potential of its urban site.  Large family cooking and gathering spaces were designed into the indoor and outdoor spaces. A family room was designed on the most public corner of the lot to accommodate the family’s many hobbies and pursuits.

The social home.

The home’s orientation embraces the social nature of its corner lot while inviting community gardening and public interaction.  Per the Client’s wishes, little priority was placed on privacy; instead, the Urban Garden House took inspiration from rural, barn-style architecture and explores how a home can serve beyond its occupants to its broader neighborhood.  While privacy was a secondary priority, it was a carefully considered in balance with the social intentions of the interior layout and landscape design.  In the end, it was this balance that became the guiding principle and feature of the project.

Concept Diagram Scheme 1-01.jpg

project information.

Type: Ground-up Single Family Residence

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Sq. Footage: 3,350  sq.ft.

Scope: Design Architect

Stage: Concept Complete



Sarah Ebner, Design Architect

Daniela Tenorio, Project Designer

Additional credits

Designed for BONE Structure, Structural Engineer and Fabricator